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WhatsApp customer service? Happy customers are more important now than ever before. Despite this, many companies are still hard to get in touch with, or simply have inadequate customer service. Email and telephone are still the most commonly used customer service tools. But messaging apps are the perfect solution to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and of course, the hope of increasing sales and decreasing resource like time and costs.

The challenges that companies face with potential and current customers are clear: how can I offer fast, high-quality service, keeping my customers as happy as possible? It’s naturally also in the company’s best interest to use as few as possible resources, such as employees, budget, time, and technology.

  • Access: 1.5 billion internet users use WhatsApp worldwide. In Europe, South America, and the Asia Pacific region, it’s the clear favorite among messaging apps
  • Speed: Using every day messaging apps is the absolute quickest customer service solution. You can write quickly and directly, a clear advantage over email, which often moves slowly and is less interactive. Additionally, shorting waiting periods while searching for a receipt or answering the doorbell are less annoying — over the phone, these pauses can be extremely inconvenient.
  • Costs and data usage: Messaging apps stand for minimal data usage and quick communication.
  • Closeness: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or iMessage are primarily used to communicate with friends, family, a sports team, etc. When a company also succeeds in reaching a customer on this more intimate channel, then they’ve clearly secured themselves a spot in the customer’s inner trust circle.

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