E-commerce channels

Cross-channel selling enables retailers to attract and capture sales in an expanding multichannel ecommerce universe. Getting your products on market places like: Amazon (global selling account), Ebay, Beslist, Bol.com & Markplaats.nl will help you grow your E-commerce.

These following multichannel ecommerce statistics helps us understand the importance of multifarious online presence.

  1. According to Wharton, around 66% of online shoppers rely on more than one channel for purchases. About 1/3 of consumers will rotate between these channels for various purchases. Around 1/3 of consumers will use two, three or more channels to make purchases.
  2. It takes around 10 visits to the same retailer’s website for a shopper to convert into a customer and this is really important. According to an Econsultancy study, the average consumer visited a retailer’s website 9.5 times before they converted. In between these visits, shoppers are assuredly webrooming to get the best deal, lowest shipping price and most lenient return policy.
  3. Omni-channel shoppers are more valuable. According to a Google study, shoppers who cross-channel shop are worth around 30% more value in a lifetime to merchants than single channel shoppers.
  4. The majority of retailers are not engaging a cross-channel presence adequately. An Econsultancy report finds that just 5% of marketers are equipped to market across channels. Meanwhile, just 39% of retailers are able to digest the analytics necessary to create an effective cross-channel customer journey.