Enterprise Business Dashboards

Online dashboards are becoming increasingly important for companies. More and more of the activities that companies do are online. That is why dashboards are very important to keep all online channels together. a well-arranged online dashboard mainly contributes to higher effectiveness or your workflows.

They are for both large and small organizations. With care for UI, UX, flexibility, scalable, sandboxes, deployability & real-time editing. Work very well with mobile, computers, and touch screens.

Consist of various integrations such as iframes, embeds, portals, mailto, back office, work spaces, banking tools and much more.

Kind of dashboards that could help your organisations:
- Social Media Dashboard with all social media pages integrated from multiple stores.
- Weather dashboard with multiple parameters and multiple sources.
- An overall portal that connects all online activities.
- A Portal that secure's the connection to sources sush as banks and login pages
- Or a dashboard that combine all of these.

Social Integrations

Media Integrations

Time intergations

Weather intergations


Newsfeed integration

Stock integration

Analitycs integrations

Up & Downtime monitors